American based Ghanaian artist Jay Tendo returns home to support the Ghana music industry


As part of his new album promotional activities , the young artists, chose to shoot a video and also collaborate with couple of artists in Ghana. The Ghanaian born American has been in the USA for over a decade and has mastered the art of Afro beat making and sound Engineering.

Though a Ghanaian, his music and art, had not been known or circulating in the Ghana music scene, hence the decision to make a debuts with this new album. The new album, titled “New Life” carries ten (10) songs and is available on iTunes, Spotify as well as other music portals.

He is rumored to have declined all record label deals , saying he has a solid team he is working with and would want to stay that way for a while till he considers signing to a label.

Jay Tendo is going to be in Ghana for about two weeks and hopes to meet with most of the key industry players before returning to the state. 
Check him out on YouTube, Facebook and all other social media handles as @jaytendo. #NewLifeAlbum



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